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The story of the 20th century as lived by residents in the Derbyshire village of Borrowash


Number 17 Blog update – November


Counting down to the big day (and night), our November sessions involve devising songs music, chants and poems for the performances, more drama ‘games’ and work on tableau formations.

With poet Dave Wood, the children create skipping rhymes, chants, and poems about moving. With 100 years and dozens of different ‘custodians’ living in Number 17 there’s a lot of ‘moving experiences’ to portray.  This is a Christmas performance so we need a carol or two as well.  No problem for the talented children of  Ashbrook Juniors!


Plenty of parts up for grabs right now!  Where are the Divas?  Who can learn words? Who can’t?  Who wants to be seen and not heard?  Who has extra talents to show off?  Dancing? Singing? Cartwheeling? Clowning around?  Competition’s fierce. Strutt your stuff  everyone – impress us and you’re in!

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