Unexamined Lives

The story of the 20th century as lived by residents in the Derbyshire village of Borrowash


Contribute to this site

We would like to hear from anyone who has worked at Baines Everett, the railway, any local shops and schools, Fares Factory, GIC, or the health service.

Please contact us with your memories of the First World War and its impact on the people of Borrowash.

We would also like to record any stories of women’s lives, maternity, family, housing, and changing opportunities for women.

The Unexamined Lives Project also aims to include the younger generations. Did you grow up in  Borrowash in the 1980s or 1990s?  What was it like for young people in this village then?

Even if you don’t have stories to tell there plenty of opportunities to contribute to this project. We are looking for volunteers, especially people who are in the 6th form at school.

Please contact Helen Clark, of the Ockbrook and Borrowash Historical and Archaeological Society. Click here to contact Helen

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